Alsace, France

Domaine Brand & Fils

Charles & Philippe Brand

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Alsace, France

Domaine Brand & Fils was founded by Lucien, Philippe’s grandfather in 1956 in Egersheim, in the northern part of Alsace. Initially the farm of 15 Hectares with several different crops such as wheat, tobacco and pastures for livestock only about 10% or 1.3 Ha was reserved for vines. They started to specialise in viticulture in the 1970s. Philippe’s father, Charles, then decided to specialise in premium dry white wines. It became increasing popular with the locals and in 2001, they took on a three year conversion period to have the vineyard certified organic.

In 2006, Philippe then joined his father and gave the winery a new direction naming it Domaine Brand & Fils, translating to Domaine Brand and sons. In 2015, Philippe decided to go a step further and have the winery certified biodynamic by Demeter (one of the biodynamic certifying bodies based in America and Germany)

Today Philippe continues to push on with his original intention creating a range of very outstanding natural wines, experimenting with methods such as Solera and using Amphora.

Quick word on Philippe's wines
Stylistically, we really like his wines for its thick luscious body

Unlike most other domaines who might be releasing wines on an annual basis, Philippe takes his time with his wines hence some wines are aged slightly longer than others.