Racine Wines Co.

Racine, French for roots, signifies the source of something. In our case as a wine company it serves as an apt reminder that wines are made from grapes and only grapes but more importantly it signifies the strong foundations of the grapevine that reaches deep into the ground for water and nutrients to be conveyed back to the rest of the plant. By going back to the source, it helps us appreciate the beauty of wine as an agricultural product and the winemaker’s masterpiece.

We invite you to join Racine Wines Co. on an unforgettable journey to discover the masterpieces of French winemakers.



From Terroir to Table

Going back to the source

With utmost respect for the art of viticulture and winemaking in mind, Racine Wines Co. seeks to build lasting relationships with winemakers holding similar beliefs. We believe it is this respect for both the terroir and their craft that allows these winemakers to produce stunningly good wines. We pick out wines which are produced with the same level of dedication and care year after year providing consistent quality for the drinking pleasure of our clients. All of our wines are imported directly from our partner wineries in France.

RedefinItion Through Action

Drink Only the Good Stuff

Our mission to help our clients drink better wines might seem like a tall order or even an over statement but it is also one that is necessary. Through the advice we offer and the selection we curate, we aim to help our clients make their wine journey an unforgettable one. After all, we believe there is a wine for each occasion, a wine for each unique individual.



Journey Through the Vineyards

A Tour de France of Sorts

Only through a journey into the vineyards, will we be able to better understand the wines in our glasses. Not only are these journeys a crucial step in improving our wine knowledge, they have another more important purpose; for our sourcing team to identify new partner wineries and young winemaking talents from all around France to meet the specific needs and tastes of our clients.

For wineries who are interested in working with us, please contact us at info@racinewinesco.com.