Our Wine Friends

Racine Wines Co.

At Racine Wines Co. we're all about drinking the good stuff! 

Here we bring you wines that express where they are from, who made them, what soil the vines were in and what the weather was like.
Low intervention wines, very minimal to no chemicals, no funny stuff, just grape juice fermented into wine. 

We pride ourselves on sourcing exceptional wines from across Europe. With an exceptional passion for France, Spain, Catalonia and Germany. Each year we travel far and wide to visit our winemakers to select only those wines that we find exciting, energetic, pure, deep, elegant, balanced or pronounced. We are lucky to work with the following winemakers:



Clos de la Barthassade, Beaujolais
Hélène and Guillaume Baron

Clos Kixhaya, Loire
Beatriz Papamija and Étienne Le Blanc

De Mena, Catalonia
Sébastien Argelet

Domaine Bariou Bodet, Loire
Jennifer Bariou and Thibaut Bodet

Domaine Bobinet, Loire
Emeline Calvez, Sebastien Bobinet

Domaine Brand et Fils, Alsace
Philippe Brand

Domaine David Beaupère, Beaujolais
Louis-Clément David-Beaupère

Domaine de la Renardière, Jura
Jean-Michel Petit

Domaine Geschickt, Alsace
Frédéric and Arnaud Geschickt

Domaine Pierre Menard, Loire
Pierre Menard

Domaine Ratte, Jura
Françoise and Michel-Henri Ratte

Recerca, Roussillon
Jess Albero, Laurent Pujol

L'étranger, Roussillon
Paulo Almeida, Laura Rebessi

Maison Crochet, Lorraine
Wilfried Crochet

Nicolas Chemarin, Beaujolais
Nicolas Chemarin

Ormiale, Bordeaux
Fabrice Domercq

Séléné, Beaujolais
Sylvère Trichard

Winecraft, Beaujolais
Sébastien Morin

Zulu, Roussillon
Jess Albero, Laurent Pujol


2NaturKinder, Franconia
Melanie Drese, Michael Völker

Hannes und Claudiu, Pfalz
Hannes Bergdoll, Claudiu Dumea

Weingut Mann, Rheinhessen
Andreas Mann

Weingut Weigand, Franconia
Andi Weigand

Weingut Wolf, Pfalz
Dennis Wolf


Amor Per La Terra, Catalonia
Jaume Jordà, Salvador Batlle, Javi Rutia

Celler Frisach, Catalonia
Joan and Francesc Férre

Celler Pujol Cargol, Catalonia
David Pujol Cargol

La Furtiva, Catalonia
Òscar Navas Capilla