Roussillon, France


Jess & Laurent

Winemaker Feature

Roussillon, France

Zulu Wine project was created in 2015 by Christophe Alberto and Laurent Pujol. The project was born in a wine bar in Perpignan and has eventually led to the creation of Recerca. A year later, Christophe tragically passed away, his wife Jess then joined the Zulu project with Laurent.

The vision was the collaborate, like an independent music label, with local winemakers such as Tom Lubbe at Matassa, Gille Troullier, Sébastien Agelet at De Mena. Zulu is a free and experimental project, as where Recerca is more concentrated on defined cuvées.

These collaborations with the use of négoce grapes have led to many exciting cuvées that represent the territories of origin.