Loire Valley, France

Domaine Bobinet

Emeline Calvez, Sebastien Bobinet

Winemaker Feature

Loire Valley, France

Sébastien Bobinet's wine journey began at an early age, assisting his grandfather in vineyards and cellars since he was 7. After experiences in a wine lab and glass-making, he returned in his thirties to lead the family business with his distinctive winemaking approach.

As the eighth generation of winemakers, Sébastien faced the challenge of reshaping traditions. His ambition grew, and with hard work and determination he won the family's approval.

The domaine was formed in 2002 when Sébastien took over 1.8 hectares of vineyards and cellars from his maternal grandparents who had retired. Influenced by Olivier Cousin, Sébastien embraced organic farming, focusing on Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc. These grapes were then vinified in the domaine’s historic cellar, carved in the tuffeau (limestone) of the Coteaux of Saumur. The wines, which are aged in barrels, gave birth to the first cuvées Amateus Bobi and Echalier.

Emeline, initially a professional dancer turned sommelier, discovered natural wines during her time at La Quincave in Paris. Her passion for natural winemaking deepened after a year-long journey, working hands-on in vineyards across France. Meeting Sébastien changed the course of her life and she became a wine maker with him since 2011.

Together they created Ruben with new vines bought in 2010. Their collaboration gave a new dimension to the domaine which continued to grow and strengthen, all the while striving towards a sustainable and ethical practice. Then came Hanami and Piak!