About Racine Wines Co.

About Us

Since 2018 Racine Wines Co. has been sharing our passion for low intervention wines in Singapore. We believe in the purest expression of the grape, the terroir and the winemaker's craft. 

🌍 Discovering the vines: We've journeyed extensively and meticulously curated a wine selection that embodies our commitment to quality. Our wine list pays tribute to the enchanting wines of France, Catalonia, Spain and Germany.

👩‍🌾 The winemakers: We've scoured the terroirs all over these countries and beyond to discover gems from ambitious winemakers. These bottles genuinely reflect our passion and what we believe a natural wine should be. 
The majority of our wines are free from added sulphites, allowing for maximum taste and aroma. We respect the winemaker's decision to add minimal sulphites if it enhances the wine's palatability, maintaining our commitment to quality and authenticity.

💼 Let's connect: To explore our latest trade list and discover our distribution options within Singapore, please contact us at hello@racinewinesco.com. We're here to assist you in experiencing the joy of natural low intervention wines at your venue.

🍷 Where to drink our wines: Find an overview of our stockists here. Follow us on instagram to stay up to date with our events.