Catalonia, Spain

La Furtiva

Oscar Navas Capilla

La Furtiva | Catalonia, Spain

Oscar Navas Capilla

Oscar started off at 4Kilos in Mallorca before starting his own project in his mothers hometown of Batea in 2017.

With the vineyard situated in an arid Mediterranean region, this area experiences hot days, a fresh afternoon wind and cool nights due to its elevated position. These conditions impart a concentration to the wines, striking a perfect balance between acidity and freshness.
The region is famous 'panal' soil, characterized by high sand content and minimal surface water retention, which poses a challenge for the vines. As they strive to reach the water table deep below, the outcome is low production, small grape bunches, and an intense flavor profile.

In 2020 he began a new project under the name "Batussa" sourcing organic grapes from Conca de Barberà and making a red and white duo. The main idea was to make delicious, affordable natural wine that is dun to drink with friends.

Production is very limited, so if you see these natural wines in stock, we recommend you don't hesitate.


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