Roussillon, France


Jess Albero & Laurent Pujol

Winemaker Feature

Roussillon, France

Following their successful project Zulu, where négoce grapes and winery collaborations have led to many exciting cuvées, Jessica and Laurent started Recerca in 2018 with their own vineyard in Paziols. Recerca is the Catalan word for 'research' as it is more concentrated on defined cuvées and Zulu continues as a free and experimental project.

Embracing Catalan tradition and spirits, Recerca has the region's native varieties like Macabeu, Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre at the heart. This focus, together with the winemakers’ unique perspectives, allows them to experiment with different approaches to highlight the characteristics and potential of each grape variety while coming up with interesting cuvees to accommodate different year’s yields.

Currently with about 10Ha of vines, made up of mostly Grenache and Macabeu in the quaint village of Tautavel with some small plantings of Mourvedre and Syrah. Although the soil is mainly calcareous clay and schist, the different plots offer a range of terroir and even weather.

Stylistically their wines are made with no destemming, working as naturally as possible and never using any chemicals in the vineyard or cellar.

To the team at Racine Wines Co., each visit and the tastings at Recerca have been a pleasure for us.