Peel Reeds 2022
Peel Reeds 2022
Peel Reeds 2022
Peel Reeds 2022

Peel Reeds 2022

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Celler Pujol Cargol by David Pujol Cargol in Catalonia, Spain

Explore Celler Pujol Cargol's range of natural wines from the heart of Masarac where their renovated winery between the Empordà and Albera mountain ranges is situated.
Currently, the winery is helmed by David who manages 50 hectares of vineyards of which 20 hectares belongs to the winery.

Influenced by David's training in Bordeaux, the winery focuses on the integrity of the grapes for a terroir driven expression of Garnacha, Macabeo, and Cariñena, some of the 16 varietals present at the winery.

In response to changes in climatic patterns of the past decade, there has been a shift to sustainable practices balancing tradition and environmental responsibilities earning them multiple certifications.

Racine Wines Co. is proud to carry the zero-zero selection of Celler Pujol Cargol which includes the likes of The Rapa blanc, The Rapa, Peel Reeds and Crushing Lumps as well as Selecció from their Missatger range which roughly translates to "The Messenger" an apt name considering the winery believes they are merely the messengers of the land.

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