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Philippe’s idea of a perpetual reserve which started in 2015 with Pinot Blanc, this Solera cuvée is made exactly in the same way to produce Sherries. Wines from each successful vintage is added to the barrels containing the wines of the previous few vintages after bottling. 

A truly complex wine with a distinct and seductive nose benefitting from the freshness of the more recent Riesling and Muscat but also mature notes and coming from the aged Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay.

Serve cool in a decanter and be adventurous with the pairing from starters all the way to the cheese course. Be like Philippe, push some boundaries and explore what works for you. 

*Natural wines like Apollinaire are unfiltered and might appear cloudy, this is intended by the winemaker and does not negatively affect the wine's quality.